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Зотова Галина Вячеславовна
МБОУ «Штанашская ООШ» Красночетайского района ЧР
Учитель английского языка

Our village is called Shtanashi. It is situated in Chuvashiya in a beauty spot of Krasnochetaisky district. The history of my village begins in the 18th century. There are two legends of its name. One of them tells that near our village there were thieves who robbed and killed people. They called their place “stan nash” which means “our camp”.“ Chuvash legends” were published in 1848 in Saint Petersburg’s magazine “Severnoye obozreniye” by our countryman Vasili Lebedev. He told about robbers and added the second variant. Seven brothers decided to find the place for their families. Each of them had some domestic animal. Everyone followed his animal and built the house on the place where it stopped. Shtanash’s cow came to the beautiful forest, that’s why he settled among the big forest on the left bank of a small river where our village is situated nowadays. It is not big. There are only 139 houses and 478 inhabitants. The village school was opened in 1842; this year we are going to celebrate its 170th anniversary. The memorial sign on an old school building tells us about I.N. Ulyanov’s visit on the 17th of December 1871. Many famous people have graduated from our school. Among them two Heroes of the Soviet Union: Alexey Loginov and Ivan Polyakov. There are several shops, a church, a club, a library and a medical office and a stadium in the village. There is a monument to soldiers fallen in the Great Patriotic war. You may think that the life in provincial village is rather dull and far from being interesting. This life has got quite a lot of advantages. There is no traffic noise here. The streets and gardens are green with trees. You may swim in the pond, gather mushrooms and berries in the wood, listen to the sweet songs of the singing birds, walk in the fields and meadows and drink crystal clear water. Welcome to Chuvashiya - the land of one hundred thousand embroideries and songs! Try to visit Shtanashi some time!

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