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The village of Bolshoye Karinskoye

Семенихин Аркадий Сергеевич
МБОУ СОШ № 3 г. Александрова
Владимирской области
Учащийся 11 «б» класса,
учитель английского языка - Ведь Г. А.

The history of the village of Bolshoye (Great) Karinskoye began in the 15-th century when it was a part of the palace region with the center in Alexandrova Sloboda (the Settlement of Alexandrov). The name of the village appeared on the pages of History during the Polish – Lithuanian invasion, when, in 1609, near the village a battle between the troops of Russian prince Michail Vasilievich Skopin – Shooysky and Sapega’s troops took place. The battle was terrible, but the Russians won the victory.
Later Karinskoye was ruined and its name was mentioned again only in 1642 as the tsar’s palace village. That time there was a wooden church in the name of St. John the Baptist on its territory. In 1736 during the fire the church was burnt together with a part of the village. In 1817 a new stone church was built instead of the burnt one. The villagers raised the money for it. Later a school, which was organized by the church, appeared in Karinskoye.
During the Soviet time the church was closed and a House of Culture and a post – office were opened there. The village was a part of the collective farm “Kolos”, which was popular for cattle-farming and potato-growing.
Now the situation in Karinskoye there is a primary school, a House of Culture, a post – office, a cattle - farm and a small pig – farm. The church hasn’t been reconstructed yet. The villagers grow grain for the needs of the farms. Every year in August on the field of Karinskloye there is the reconstruction of the battle between Shooysky’s and Sapega’s troops as a part of the Historical festival “The Loyal Sons of the Fatherland”.

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