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Орлова Наталья Сергеевна
МБОУ МО «Город Архангельск»
«СОШ №24 с углублённым изучением предметов
художественно-эстетического направления»
учитель английского языка

The district is located in the north of the Arkhangelsk Region. The climate is rather cold, especially in the northern part situated near the Polar circle.
The chief economic activity is sawing. The round wood which is used at the Mezen sawmill (it is situated in the settlement of Kamenka) is rafted along the Mezen river from the neighbouring Leshukonski District. As the White Sea and the Mezen river are rich in fish, fish-processing also occupy an important place in the economy of the district.
Agriculture specializes mainly in beef and dairy cattle-raising. Mezen is the administrative centre of the district. The first mention of а settlement in the mouth of the river dates back to the 16th century. But it was only in 1780 that the settlement got the status of а town. It became the administrative centre or the vast Mezen Uyezd (district) and got its emblem (а red fox against the silvery background).
At the beginning of the twentieth century Mezen was а small uyezd town, а place of political exile. Present-day Mezen is the administrative and cultural centre оf the district. It can hardly be called an industrial centre, though there are some food-industry enterprises here. The Mezen folk choir is well known not only in the Mezen district but also beyond its borders. The local museum which was founded in 1974 tells about the history of Mezen and Mezenski district. Mezen is an important sea and river port on the White Sea.
The workers' settlement of Kamenka, situated on the left bank of the river, can be called the industrial heart of Mezen. The sawmill which is located in Kamenka produces and exports timber to different parts of Russia and abroad. The Mezen board (Mezenskaya doska) is highly valued on the world market.

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