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Uray is my native town

Оветченко Критстина,
студентка группы П-1-11,
Преподаватель: Шибаева Альбина Мударисовна
БУ СПО ХМАО-Югры «Урайский профессиональный колледж».

The first fountain of oil was in Uray. The well had sunk by drilling foreman Semyon Urusov’s team. In 1965 well No.6 gushed forth at a rate of up to 500 tons and come to be known as the pioneer of Western Siberian’s Shaim oil and began development of the Western Siberian region. Our town was born in 1965 on the river Konda. People began to build a town, wooden houses, roads, buildings of culture, kindergartens. People thought about future and tried to make our town comfortable. We must not forget that our town began at the place of matches, it was very difficult to build houses. Population in Uray is over 43.000 people, out of more 100 nationalities. Uray has a big future. Our town is our family, we are proud of our town. We are pioneers of West-Siberia oil. Modern achievements of Uray are an achievements of all people living here- results of all people. People are of course patriots of their homeland. There are many sights in Uray. A monument for pioneers of first West- Siberia oil. Museum of history our town attend many people and guests. There are many places to visit in Uray: sports places, street-ball, basket-ball places, stadium Neftynik and new buiding of company Lukoil- commonwealth of such well-known towns: Langepas, Uray,Kogalym. Nearly its building you can see and walk beautiful park with flowers and unusual trees.

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