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My hometown is Aginskoye

Забайкальский край
п. Агинское
МОУ "Агинская средняя общеобразовательная школа №1"
Раднаева Янжима, 11 "г" класс

How beautiful the world is! I should say I live on a wonderful planet. We, people, are happy to enjoy picturesque pieces of our world every time. My family and I live in one of the finest places of the Earth. My hometown is Aginskoye that is the centre of the Aginsky Buryatsky okrug. It is situated in the Eastern Siberia one hundred and fifty kilometres from the town Chita. Our okrug consisits of three districts: Aginsky, Mogoituysky, Duldurginsky. Aginsky district borders on Ononsky district. I must say that there are two lakes in Ononsky district: the Barun Torey and the Zun Torey lakes– the largest lakes of Transbaikalia.
These two lakes are the parts of "the Daursky National park". Dalai Lama once said that a person should visit a place where he or she has never been before every year. Last year my class and I were happy to enjoy the unique beauty of this park. The guide of the park told us about flora and fauna of the park with great pleasure. I enjoyed the beauty and calm of the place very much. "The Daursky National park" created in 1987 in the south of Zabaykalsky Krai. In 1994 Torey lakes received the status of water and marsh grounds of the international value. Since 1997 the park has been biospheric rezervation of UNESCO. "The Daursky National park" is rich in rare animals which are added in "The Red Book of Russia".
Firstly, when we came there we could not see the other bank of the Barun Torey lake. It was my first unbelievable impression you know. The view of the lake catched my attention. I remembered the endless water forever. Frankly speaking, I have never seen such a wonderful place before. Secondly, the water in the lake was of white colour. Later we understood it was white because it contained powder. Moreover, the water was very warm. It differs from other water because it is very soft you know. I was very impressed when I saw very thin and small silver fish in the lake. Thirdly, we heard different sounds of million birds which live on a small island of this lake. Capacity to fly is a unique action that nature invented for birds I think.
As for sea-gulls, they are such noisy and fast birds. It was very curious when they began to attack us flying above us crying very noisily when we were passing not very near their nests. Oh, I was afraid of them! They are just aggressive, aren`t they? Every year the Barun Torey becomes litle and litle. So one part of island has linked with the bank of the lake. And domestic animals walk on the island.
It was such pity that we saw empty nests of cormorants. Dogs broke their nests. So I think cormorants are not as aggresive as sea-gulls. It was also interesting to learn about "manul cat". It is a wild cat which lives in a hole. It is not very easy to watch after this kind of cat. It is a very aggressive and cunning aninmal. This kind of cat was firstly described by a traveller P.S.Pallas who found it in our region. I was greatly interested to learn about another unique animal of "the Daursky National park" which is a small antelope by the name "dzeren". This kind of antelope lives only in steppes.
But the most picturesque thing was when I saw japanese cranes. I liked their appearance. How nice they are with a square red and white hat, black neck and tail and especially snowy white body. Their red and white hat really are alike the falg of Japan. Also you can see huge stone monuments. It is another mystery of nature.They are all called "Adun Chulun" which is translated from the Buryat language " Horse stones". Oh, it is wonderful you know!
Finally, I want to say that my class and I enjoyed picnic in the open air and swimming in a soft and warm lake. How wonderful it was when we sat around night fire and watch black velvet endless sky with various bright stars and listened to the sound of water. I am happy that I have such a great possibility to live in this great place.

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