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Our Motherland is Cherepovets

Старостина Екатерина,
8 «А» класс, МБОУ «СОШ №19»
Учитель: Шестопалова Елена Вячеславовна

Hello! I am Starostina Ekaterina. I study in School №19 in the 8th form. I like English. Also I love walking along our beautiful streets that is why I want to tell you about my town.
Before 1917 it was a small town with wooden houses and narrow streets, and it had the splendid name Cherepoves’ (it means “ tribe on the mountain of fish”) because of a sand cape between two our rivers Sheksna and Yagorba which was named The Fish Head( in Finnish – Cheryp). However some citizens believe that Catherine II named the place when she passed it and set foot on the skull of a sheep. It is known that monks Athanasius called Iron Pikestaff and Theodosius who were the followers of Sergi Radonezhski settled on the banks of Sheksna and Yagorba. Then they built a temple here.
We celebrate The City Day on the 4th of November. It is the best holiday for our people: smart trams, fairs, concerts. Last year this day there was the opening of new Yagorbski Bridge.
We are proud of the biggest factory of Russia Severstal and the hockey team with the same name. Join us and you will see that our city is worth seeing it. We conducted a small survey on the streets of our city by asking a few questions at random passers-by. People do not forget about famous residents, for example, а native legend of Russian rock A. Bashlachev, artist V. Vereschagin. Some remember about famous pilot V. Chkalov and poet I. Severyanin. But the favourite historical character is the Head of the town Ivan A. Milutin. In conclusion we can say that we admire our native town! We are proud of it! As you can see the people of our town love and respect Cherepovets. Other cities want to be like our Cherepovets!

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