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What is Astrakhan?

Романовская М.А - ассистент кафедры АГУ
английского языка для гуманитарных специальностей,
Бегалиева Малика, Джабагина Диляра, Мамасаитов Джасур -
студенты группы РВ-11 Астраханский государственный университет

What is Astrakhan ? The region of fish, sturgeon, tomatoes, watermelons and black caviar?..
Our Caspian pearl is also hospitable city, with the sun shining brightly all the year round Astrakhan is multinational: more than 130 nationalities’ live here in peace Monuments of Russian Kazakh, Turkmen, Azerbaijan and Armenian culture are the symbol of their friendship. Is not that unique that St. Nicholas’s Chapel a Russian Orthodox Cheircl, the horse statue of Kurmangazy, a Kazakh composer and musician, and the monument to the Armenian church are situated close to one another in the city centre? Besides, there is a monument to ex-president of Azerbaijan Geydar Aliyev not far from the Swan Lake. We even have a school named after this outstanding political figure. The statue to the Turkmen poet Magtymguly near Astrakhan University is a also worth mentioning.
Apart from that, there are a lot of wonderful Orthodox Cathedrals, moslim mosques, a Catholic Cathedral and a synagogue here. Does not that show that we respect all confessions? People carefully keep their national customs and traditions. As for the holidays, such as they are celebrated by the whole city: such as Easter, Kurban bairam, nauryz Christmas. Famous dancing and singing folk clubs it stage performances outside or in our magnificent. Philharmonic or other concert halls. The anyone can join the fun.
By the way, we are going to celebrate Nauryz-bairam and Easter soon. Would you like to come here and see everything with your own eyes?!

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