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Kurchatov - a fascinating spot on Kursk region map

Алина Андреевна Важенина
9 «А» класс
МБОУ «Гимназия № 1» г. Курчатова
Учитель: Тарловская Елена Анатольевна,
учитель высшей квалификационной категории

The description of Kursk region would be incomplete without a few words about the town of Kurchatov. The Kursk nuclear power plant has forever changed the image of Kursk region. A modern town of Kurchatov that sprung up here in the 1970s became one of the most important industrial and cultural centres of the area. It is situated 40 km west of Kursk, 3 km off the NPP. Its construction is closely connected with the erection of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant.
Kurchatov is approximately 3 km long and 0, 5 km wide. It stretches along the Kurchatov pond. Kurchatov is surrounded with cornfields, groves, woods and villages.
Its population numbers 42000 citizens. As the main town-forming enterprise is the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant, over 7000 citizens work there. The town is green and clean. There are nearly 700000 square meters of comfortable accommodation, 7 schools and 10 kindergartens, a school of arts, 2 cinemas and a chain of shops and cafes. In November 2006 a new Palace of Culture was opened. A great variety of products is offered at municipal markets. Among the sights of the town I can name a beautiful fountain in front of the Energetic Sports Complex, a newly- built embankment along the Kurchatov Pond, Victory Avenue, Energetic Stadium, Monument to the victims of Chernobyl NPP failure liquidation, “Black tulip”- Monument to soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan War, “Tank”- Monument to World War II. Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church, erected with the help of donations from the Kursk NPP, amazes with its unique architecture. The interior mural painting precisely follows Byzantine canons. There are a lot of sights in our region. But my native town is a special “pearl” in the heritage of Kursk region.

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