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Алексей Зарин – ученик 4-Б класса
Учитель – Северина Оксана Владимировна
ГОУ СОШ № 1238 г. Москвы,
с углубленным изучением английского языка.

I live in Moscow, in one of its city districts, called Novo-Peredelkino. It is a modern urban residential area in the south-west of Moscow. But on the other hand, Novo-Peredelkino is a very special place. Next to modern blocks of flats there is a writer’s settlement Peredelkino. A lot of famous Russian writers lived or still live there. There you can visit the Memorial House-Museums of Korney Chukovsky, Bulat Okudzhava and Boris Pasternak and enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the village which is in a beautiful pine forest.
Most of the pupils of our class have attended the Chukovky’s dacha. When you pass through the gates of the museum the first thing you see is a ‘wonder tree’, like in Chukovsky’s fairy-tale, covered with shoes, trainers and sandals of every size. As the guides say the harvest time for the tree is May. And during the year tourists and visitors pick up “the fruits” as souvenirs.
The museum itself is a two-storeyed wooden house. Everything inside it is the same as it was in the writer’s life. There is old furniture, a great number of books, photos and pictures. You can hear there stories about Chukovsky’s difficult early life, when he worked as a roof painter and taught himself English at the same time. After all he perfectly translated into Russian works of R. Kipling, M.Twen, A.Doyle. And this year we mark the 50th anniversary since Chukovsky was awarded an Honorary degree of Oxford University for his literary work. Not far from the museum there is a cemetery, where Korney Chukovsky and Boris Pasternak are buried. Next to the cemetery you can see the Residence of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia with palaces and churches.
I am proud of my district as it has its own special atmosphere: the present goes together with the past here.

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