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Муниципальное образовательное
бюджетное учреждение
«Средняя общеобразовательная школа №3
г. Соль-Илецка»
Преподаватель английского языка:
Богданова Любовь Алексеевна

My native town is Salt-Iletsk. Its unofficial name is “Water-melon’s country”. Salt-Iletsk is situated in Orenburg Oblast, Russia, on the right bank of the Ilek River (Ural’s tributary). Due to the 2010 Census preliminary results the population is 28,369 people. Our town is not far from the south of Orenburg. It will take you only an hour or 77 kilometers travelling to get to this city by car. Salt-Iletsk was founded in the 17th century as a Cossack settlement. In the middle of the18th century, it was renamed Iletskaya Zashchita due to the construction of fortifications. The name was then changed to Iletsk in the 19th century. In 1945, the town was renamed yet again and came to be known as Salt-Iletsk.
A thick bed of excellent rocksalt is worked near Salt-Iletsk. The place is also known as a balneological resort for its mineral waters, salt, mud, and brine baths, and its koumiss cures. Tourism is another developed brunch of industry. Our town is famous for the salt lake Razval and five curative lakes. Thousands of people come here every summer.
As for sights, there are several monuments and memorials, churches, parks and clubs in Salt-Iletsk. Among them is the world famous prison “Black Dolphin”. On the central street there are lots of shops and stores, banks and offices, schools, houses of culture and museums. You’ll never forget our picturesque nature and benevolent citizens! I love and proud my native town very much.

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