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School Historical Museum

We are Nastya Belopolskaya,
Dasha Gnatuk,
the students of the tenth class of
the Taganrog Chekhov’s Gymnasium
It was founded in 1806. We are proud that we have a unique museum. It was founded in 1950 as a monument to the Great Russian writer A.P. Chekhov in his motherland. The Archpriest F. Pokrovsky who gave to Chekhov his nickname “Antosha Chekhonte” taught law of God in gymnasium. A.F. Dyakonov taught Latin and he was prototype of Chekhov’s “Man in a Case”. There is Chekhov’s desk of his gymnasium years, instruments of the physics classroom, gymnasium bell, textbooks of 70 of the XIX century, the essay of Chekhov “Kirghiz” in our museum. One of the main stand of the museum tells about the Great Patriotic War. You can see the photographs of the last pre-war final-year students. In this photograph there are the future “podpolschiki” (the members of the underground organization). 4 Heroes of the Soviet Union graduated from our school. They are - Ivan Karpovich Golubec (awarded posthumously), Ivan Kupin, Boris Nikolaevich Tikhonov and Boris Mironovich Rivkin.
One of the initiators of the school museum creation was I. Bondarenko - a school graduate, a teacher of Russian language and literature, the tireless collector and promoter of Chekhov's heritage, the author of numerous works on the history of Taganrog. For the 125th anniversary of Chekhov, he published a local history material "In my native land". Great help in the creating of the museum gave a wife of the writer O.J.Knipper-Chekhova and Chekhov’s sister. Maria Pavlovna for many years were keeping in touch with our museum, and after her death some things were given museum according to the bequest, including the Pioneer tie, tied to her in 1935 by the pupils of Chekhov’s school.

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