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Zabaikalye in myths and legends

Yugay Dana
a 4th former of school №49,
specializing in English. Chita.
My English teacher Ryumina Natalya Ivanovna.

The most part of the Chita region is situated in the mountains at a height of a kilometer above sea level. The most part of the ranges are cut by rivers and valleys. The native population explains such relief in their own way, there are a lot of myths and legends connected with it. One of the myths is about the creation of the world by the Gods. They created the land and man who gave life to all other people on the earth. But they were too busy and asked the devil to look after the earth. The latter agreed and began to watch it and at the same time he blew hard to different sides and with each breath mountains and valleys appeared. He said they would be useful for man when people ploughed and sowed: if summer was cold the crop would be good in high places, in warm weather it would be good in the valleys.
It is not surprising that a lot of such legends appeared in Zabaikalye. The existence of the rocky mountains together with endless steppes on the same territory can be explained only by the devil’s tricks.

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