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Zelenogradsk, a history of the town

Якушева Александра 10 «б» класс
Муниципальное автономное общеобразовательное учреждение
средняя общеобразовательная школа г. Зеленоградска

All of us love the Baltic Sea. We can enjoy the resort towns at the seaside: Svetlogorsk, Pionersky and Zelenogradsk is among them. I think it is the most beautiful and coziest resort town. If you are going to spend holidays in a quiet place, Zelenogradsk will suit you. Ancient buildings still keep German history of this land. If we look at the architecture of the German buildings, we will dip into the atmosphere of the Past. The first record about Krants (the former name of Zelenogradsk) dates back to the period when Teutonic Order conquered Prussian land in the second harts of the XIII century. When the knights laid the way to Kurshskaya Spit, at the very beginning of it they built an inn called Krantakrug, which had been kept till the beginning of the XX century. At the beginning of the 19th century sea bathing became popular. The main medical adviser Fridrich Kessel found suitable area of Krants. In 1817 the first warm sea bathes were opened. In small houses with original architecture there were hotels, holiday hotels and restroom for guests. In 1844 Krants got the status of a Royal resort . Special mud baths were opened to cure people with medical mud. Mud cure became very unique. This fact helps to increase the services cost of the resort. It became famous among aristocracy. If 1885 there new opened railway station Kenigsberg-Krants helped to make the resort more available and comfortable for tourists. In 1935 Krants got the own coat of arms a shield with the elks horns in the upper part and a flat fish in the down part. In 1946 Krants was romanced as Zelenogradsk. Nowadays small resort at the Baltic seaside is considered as a beautiful place for tourists, where can enjoy lying on the long sandy beach and admire sea nature

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