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Степина Мария Сергеевна, ученица 5 класса
ГБОУ СОШ № 587, г. Москва
Учитель Зеленина Юлия Михайловна

My name is Masha. I am 11. I study at school № 587. It is great. I am a pupil of the 5th form. My family is big. I have got a mother. She is 32. She is kind, friendly and clever. She is very active. My father Sergey is funny. He plays the guitar and sings. My parents are very nice people. I have got a younger sister. She is only six months but she is naughty and noisy. I like to play with her. She is pretty. She is 11 years younger but I think we will be great friends. Our grandmother lives with us. She is 62 but she works at school. She is very active. She loves to travel. She can cook well and is very kind and caring. My family is great. I am so lucky to have them.

I’d like to tell you about a little cosy town situated in Yaroslavskiy region not far from Moscow. There every street is a legend every house is history.
Preobrazhenskiy Square is an old part of Danilov where the town was founded. According to the legend the son of Alexander Nevskiy Daniil found the village Danilovskoe in the 18th century. In 1717 Ekatherine II made an edict after which Danilovskoe became the town. Preobrazhenskaya church was built here but it was destroyed in 1917. Nowadays there is a big store on this place. The museum of our town was built in the 19th century after the Edict of NicolayII. On the building of the museum there is the coat of arms: a bear and chess. The bear means that Danilov is a part of Yaroslavskiy region. As for chess, there is a legend. When Peter I went in the direction of north he stopped in Danilov. He dropped in the nearest church and was angry with monks as the church was very cheap and poor. When Peter the first went out, town administration made up their minds to build the new church. Then it was built a letter to Peter the first was sent. They also sent him as a gift silver chess made by craftsman. That’s why the chess are in the arms. The pride of our museum is the collection of samovars. The oldest one was made in the 16th century. In the 19th century there were 3 factories. The Pushkov’s samovars took part in English exhibitions. Next to the museum there is the house of Mosainov. He was the first richest merchant in our town in the 19th centurySome of his shops are still working nowadays. Others are the historic monuments.The railway station in Danilov was built in 1872. The first trains went from Yaroslavl to Vologda.
I think one day my town will be very famous and much more beautiful than now.

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