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Ilmen Mountains

Зубарева Варвара, ученица 5 «Г» класса
МАОУ лицей № 35 г. Челябинска
Учитель Филиппова Анна Александровна

My name is Barbara Zubareva. I'm fond of learning English and I like making essays on the interesting topics. Besides I like nature. In my opinion, the most interesting places on our planet are the reserves where you can find absolutely rare flora and fauna

Ilmen Mountains were declared mineralogical reserve in 1920. The wealth and originality of minerals, flora and fauna of Ilmen Mountains are known in Russia and Europe.
Ilmen Reserve is situated in the eastern foothills of the Southern Urals in Chelyabinsk region, not far from Miass. The area of this reserve is about 304 square kilometers.
There is a zone of pine and birch forests. 50 % of the area is covered by pine, 44% - by birch, the rest territory - by aspen, alder, larch. The flora of the Reserve is presented by a lot of rare plants which are in reservation there. Among plants listed into Red Book of Russia are opushennolistny feather, shlemonosny orchis and many others.
Fauna of Ilmen Reserve counts 19 species of fish, 5 species of reptiles, 181 species of birds, 48 species of mammalians. Among insects listed in Red Data Book of Russia are Apollo ordinary bee and others, among birds are owls, golden eagle, peregrine falcon. There are also 73 species of animals which are listed in Red Data Book of the Chelyabinsk region.
Ilmen Mountains is a region which is unique place as it is reach in rare-metal mineralization. Ilmenogorsky complex is well-known in the whole world. Nowadays there are about 300 mineral forms there. The examples of rare flora, fauna and minerals are presented in Natural Sciences Museum of Ilmen Reserve. This museum is one of the five major geological and mineralogical museums of Russia. Each year about 50000 visitors come to this museum to learn about the unique world of this Reserve. Many groups of students learn the collection of the museum to use this information during the biology and chemistry lessons. I should recommend to visit the museum of the Ilmen Reserve to everyone who learns his own region or only likes the nature.

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