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Заведующая Левченко Светлана Николаевна
Воспитатель 1 категории
Долгушева Екатерина Александровна
Родитель средней группы
Корноухова Оксана Анатольевна
Учреждение: МБДОУ №18 г.Невинномысска
"Красная Шапочка".

Russia is one of the greatest countries in the world. Our country is very large. Imagine yourself in a plane flying over its territory. You will see wonderful sights: blue lines of the rivers, blue mirrors of the lakes and seas, green patches of the meadows, plains and forests and mountains. You will enjoy every minute of your flight.
But the most beautiful place is my native town – Nevinnomyssk. It is situated in Stavropol territory, in the North Caucuses. Our high mountains, deep rivers with crystal water, cold lakes, green forests, birds, animals, hospitable people – these all is - Stavropol territory. I’d like to tell you about my dearest friend – my native town Nevinnomyssk. There is a very beautiful legend about our town. Once there lived a very poor young man – Grigorey. He was a shepherd. He fall in love a young girl who was a daughter of a very rich man. Her name was Daria. She was very beautiful. Grigorey and Daria wanted to marry. But her father was against it. The young people decided to run away and got married secretly. But their plan was opened. The young man was killed. Daria was sad. She didn’t want to live any more. She went to the river and jumped from the hill into the river. Her body wasn’t found. But since time people hear a sad woman’s voice which calls her fiancé. That hill was named “innocent”. Since time out town was named Nevinnomyssk – Innocent hill.
Nevinnomyssk is the industrial center. It is famous for its chemical goods. It is also the cultural center. There are a lot of green parks, beautiful squares, wide streets, libraries, cinemas. Our town has a lot of modern buildings: schools, sport clubs and kindergartens. I’d like to tell you about the kindergarten “Krasnay Shapochka”. The address of this kindergarten is Bulvar Mira,13. It is hidden in green trees and nice flowerbeds. It is a very modern, light and comfortable building. The classes are light and big. There is a swimming pool, a sport playground. There are many merry-rounds here where children can play and joy.
People who work here are kind, tolerant, polite, friendly, responsible, creative, sociable and industrious. They do a lot for our children. They look after them while we work, they take care about their health, they teach them to sing songs. They learn with our kids a lot of poems by heart. They read them books and fairy-tales. They often show and act out short plays, go to the excursions. My younger son goes there. He is only 3 years old. But he took part in many concerts and parties. For example, the party “How fun in Russia in autumn”.

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