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SAINT-PETERSBRG, The history of the Bank Bridge

Тарасенко Екатерина
ученица 8 класса
ГБОУ гимназия № 628,
«Александринская гимназия»

My name is Kate. I was born in Saint Petersburg. There are a lot of places of interest in our city. I’d like to tell you about my favourite place. It’s the Bank Bridge which attracts not only my attention but the attention of many tourists. At the beginning of the 19 century the designers were keen on creating elegant hanging bridges in Saint-Petersburg. Almost all of them were pedestrian and the Bank bridge was not an exception. The opening of the bridge took place on 24 July 1825. At that time Griboedov canal was called Catherine’s canal. The architects of the bridge were Tretter and Christianovich. A famous sculptor Sokolov was responsible for the artistic decoration of the Bank Bridge. Sokolov placed four griffins with huge wings on the bridge. The griffins were chosen for the decoration of the bridge. According to ancient Greek myths they were guards of gold. The bridge was situated next to the bank and the griffins guarded the bank as well. Now the State Academy of Economy and France is located here.
Delicate ironworks of the bridge suffered a lot. Its beautiful design was made of palm tree leaves. Unfortunately vandals existed in the 19 century too and they scraped off gold from the griffins wings and the ironworks in spite of the fact that the golden layer was extremely thin. At the end of the 19 century the ironworks were removed for the restoration but it never came back to its place. They disappeared. Luckily the draughts were preserved by the architect Tretter and the ironworks were reproduced and in the middle of the 20 century they were taken to its place. The griffins’ wings were gilded again.
I am very happy that the Bank Bridge has been preserved to our days and it makes the city more beautiful. Also it has become a place where young people meet.

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