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Taganrog, I live in the best town in Russia

Novikov Victor Igorevich.
School №12.
I am 13. I am in the 7th Form.
I am responsible and smart.

I live in the best town in Russia. Taganrog was founded in 1698 by Peter the Great. First it was a fort. But later it was destroyed. Town was rebuild in one hundred years. Taganrog became a trade and port town. Many famous people lived in Taganrog. We will always remember our great writer A. Chekhov. He lived in Taganrog when he was a boy. Later Chekhov did a lot for our town. He founded our town library and his idea was to build the monument to Peter I. The theatre, the library, the street and the school are named after A. Chekhov.
Every person has his own favorite place in Taganrog. And my favorite place is Town Park. It is named after Gorky. When I was a little boy, my parents came here with me. We walked in the park, played there and sometimes watched the concerts. Now, I often come to the park together with my friends. There is no place like our park. In summer the big trees make the park cool and cozy. In winter there is a lot of snow and you can play, run or walk here at any time.
There are many interesting things in the park. For example there is one very old tree. They say that it was planted by Peter I. It is very unusual. It can make dreams true. Everybody, who come to this tree leave here a band. In the park there are a lot of beautiful flowers and wonderful plants. When you come to the park, you get to the fairy-tail. Especially children like the park, because they can have a ride, watch different animals or just have a rest. I love my park very much and I think it will last forever.

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