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“The place of interest in Saransk”

Ледяйкина Юлия, студентка гр. ПКС – 203
Бутяйкина Альбина Дмитриевна,
преподаватель немецкого и английского языков
«Саранский политехнический техникум»

Hello, friends! Let me first introduce myself. My name is Yulya Ledyaikina. I am 17. Now I am a second-year student at the Polytechnical college. In two years I'll be a programmer.
I live in Saransk. It is my native town and I would like to tell you about it. Saransk is the capital of the Republic Mordovia, It was founded in 1641 as a military fortress and took its name from the small river Saranka. Modern Saransk is one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. Its population is 300 thousand people. Saransk is economic, political and cultural centre. There are a lot of sights in the city. It attracts tourists. Saransk is known for its beautiful cathedrals, monuments, theatres, museums, etc. Feodor Ushakov's Cathedral is one of the greatest temples of Russia and the highest in the Volga region. The pride of the city is the Mordovian Erzia Museum of Visual Arts. It is named after Stepan Dmitrievich Nefyodov, a Mordvin great sculptor. Many famous people were born, lived or worked in the city. The monuments of Saransk is the part of its history: to heroes-stratonauts, to Poledshayev, to Pugachov, Pushkin, etc. Saransk is a green city. The Pushkin's park is one of the most favourite places of the rest of the citizens. Thuse who love art can enjoy the performances in National drama theatre and Opera and Ballet theatre. Mordovia is a sporty republic. The names such sportsmen as Kaniskina, Stankina, Mishin are well known in the world. Mordovia was elected as a place to held a world football championship in 2018. The stadiums “Mordovia”, “Start”, the Centre of Olympic Training, Ice Palace are popular not only with athletes and sportsmen but among our citizens too.
I love my Saransk. And I believe that you will love it too if you come here. If you are interested in sport too, if you want to learn more about our city and its people, welcome to Saransk! You will enjoy comfortable hotels, clean streets, our tasty food and hospitable people.

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