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The Valley of the river Barguzin

Республика Бурятия,
Баргузинский район, с. Баргузин
Базарова Марина
МОУ «Баргузинская СОШ»
Учитель Настобурская Н.В.

Buryatya is a large region. The most picturesque nature you can see only in the Barguzinsky region. The center of the Barguzin rigion is Barguzin. Barguzin was founded in 1648 by Ivan Galkin. In 1790 Barguzin got its own emblem. In 1851 Barguzin became a part of Barguzin Transbaikal rigion. In 1990 Barguzin was included in the list of historical cities of Russia. Barguzin stands on the banks of the river Barguzin. In Buryatya Valley of the river Barguzin is one of the traditional places where the tribes Barghouti were settled. The name of the valley originates from the word “Bargut”. It was the name of Mongolia tribe. Barguzin river flows into the bay of the same name of Lake Baikal. The general direction of the river valley is from the north-east to south-west. The length of it is about 300 km. The source of this river-Ikat Range, the river flows through the Barguzin basin and flows into the Bay Barguzinsky lake. The Valley of the Barguzin river is bordered by two mountains ranges. They are the Barguzinsky and the Ikatsky rangers. The rangers are covered by thick forest. That is taiga. Final settlements in the valley are Ust-Barguzin, which's located 270 kilometers from Ulan-Ude. Ulan-Ude is the capital of Buryat Republic.
Barguzin valley is one of Baikal "pearls". This is unique place by the beauty of landscapes, the richness of natural systems, as well as the history.

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