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Kurshskaya Spit, Neringa

Якушева Александра 10 «б» класс
Муниципальное автономное общеобразовательное учреждение
средняя общеобразовательная школа г. Зеленоградска

There is a charming legend about a giant girl Neringa. When she was 18 she began to give happiness and luck to everybody. If a ship got into trouble and was wrecked in the sea storm walked through raging waves and pulled the ship to the beach. Besides she took unhappy sailors from the bottom of the sea, put them into her apron and brought them to their homes. If a peasant with his horse and sleigh got into snow storm, Neringa brought the horse with a sleigh and a peasant to that place, where the road was better.
Once there was a big destroyed the seaside, fields, forests, medows and houses. So Neringa decided to build a barrier on the way of the raging waves. She put a lot of sand into her hem and carried it in to the sea. So she had been working hard for several weeks. When the work was finished, people could see a narrow sandy spit starching out from one side of the sea to another one. This spit blocked a quiet peaceful bay from the storming sea. A giant Neringa did a lot of kind deeds for people. A lot of legends about her generous and noble actins have being still told by people and they attract a lot of tourists to the nature masterpiece of Kurshskaya spit

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