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Khvastovichi. (Kaluga region)

Julia Soldatenko, 9th Form
GBOU CO № 1474, Moscow
Teacher: Vol’nova M. A.

I consider that my small native land is a remarkable village in the Kaluga region with the name Khvastovichi. My grandmother lives there. My mum and I were born in this village. I like to spend all my free time with my grandmother and other relatives in Khvastovichi. I want to tell some facts about our village.
Many years ago, in the IX- th and the X-th centuries on the territory of the Khvastovichi were only deep forests. Slavs and Vyatichi have settled on the coast of Oka. Our village was named by the man Khvast who lived here. Unfortunately, in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 Khvastovichi had lost many people and a lot of inhabitants were killed by Nazis. Now Khvastovichskiy area has more then ten thousands of people. Our district has many social, interesting and necessary places. For example, the school and the music school, the main church, the central park, beautiful rivers in summer, three children gardens, a big sport stadium and a skating rink, the Dom of culture and many other places which I like to visit. And I congratulate all inhabitants with building of a new church, because it is important for the population. I am proud of our chor of old women from the village Podbuj’e. They have taken place in different All-Russian competitions. So they are our heros with their original native voices and songs.
I want to tell about one ridiculous incident. Once my friends and I were in the forest to pick up mushrooms and berries and suddenly we heard a strrange noise, we ran up to river and saw a car which was senking. We began to call for help. But then we understood that it was a special extreme race to off-road by jeeps and motorcycles. This race was in our district and we had the possibility to watch this competition with great pleasure. When I arrive to my lovely village, I feel happy. Because it’s my native place, I was born and christened there, I have many close people, relatives and friends there, I like to spend all my free time in this corner of the Earth, so I will come here again and again!

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