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The mystery of Moscow Underground

Yuri Kuzmin, 9th Form
GBOU CO № 1474, Moscow
Teacher: Vol’nova M. A.

Moscow, my homeland, but even in this modern city has many interesting facts and stories. I want to tell you about the subway. Of course, the subway could not overgrown by their myths and legends. The classic scary story about the subway - the legend of the Black driver. According to legend, many years ago, the engineer of the emergency burnt, saving the passengers. Then he died in the hospital, and management of subway accused him of what had happened. Since then, his ghost walks the tunnels, and it can be found at the stations. The most chilling story is related, perhaps, with an escalator accident at the station Aviamotornaya, which occurred in 1982. Then, eight people were killed and another 30 were injured. The cause of the accident is properly configured and the emergency brake design flaws of the escalator. Despite the fact that all the dead suffocated under the weight of falling bodies on them (on the escalator at the time of the accident there were a hundred people), the rumors went around Moscow that the people sucked into the moving parts of machinery and cut into chunks. And for nearly three decades of bloody tell ghost without hands, which sometimes appear there.
Well, the most common - the story of the train with the souls of the dead during the construction of Circle Line prisoners. It is said that once a month at night on a branch is a train that stops at every station, but seldom opens doors. Over time, legend has acquired the colorful details. For example, say that prisoners of faults immured in the walls of tunnels and dumped into the ventilation shaft. Those who happen to see this train on the Ring, warned in any case not to approach the composition and not to go in the door when they open.
The funniest, in our opinion, the story is related to the mosaic of the station "Kiev - Ring." At the station "Kiev Ring", which was opened back in 1954, is a mosaic titled "The struggle for Soviet power in Ukraine". He in the corner shows a man sitting at a laptop and talking on a mobile phone, and a free hand holds something like a PDA.

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