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The Wizard island

Гимаева Элина,
ученица 10 Б класса МБОУ лицея №2
Учитель английского языка
Латышева Наталья Леонидовна

There is a small island in the Murmansk region in the Lake of the Kolsky peninsula that is named Magic or Wizard. Such name to the island is given not to by chance, it was named so, because there are always mass of the enigmatic and unforeseeable phenomena on this territory. The Wizard island has a form of ideally crescent. The coast is covered by white and soft sand as a starch. There is a very beautiful and picturesque nature on this island , here you can find enormous pine-trees, a lot of mushrooms, berries and fish, coming here, it is possible to enjoy all delicious that was presented by nature, but don’t take from the island anything with you, because it is possible to name on itself trouble. On Wizard island looked after a snowman several times, a poltergeist is prescribed in the one hut, there are another inexplicable events. Also there is probably an anomalous zone on the island.
There was a great number of stories about this island, but the most famous is the story of a military doctor V. Strykov in 1976. When he and his friends were going fishing, they decided to visit exactly this enigmatic island. Only for two hours they caught a lot of fish, and they were already gathered at home, as the changed weather was just flooding the boats of fishermen, a wave rose above their heads, and poured in one fell swoop a water in the boat, which the fishermen were unable to bail out. Exactly the weather was put right then, as soon as friends take away everything to the last fish and pebble, that took one of people arriving on fishing.
What is this - the intervention of supernatural forces or just coincidence? You decide.

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