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Nizhny Novgorod region, settlement Smolino

Kedyarkina Valeria
MOU "School № 49 specializing in English language"

I study at school № 49 in 9 form, fond of foreign languages.

The family merchants Smolin lived in Gorbatova. They traded metal products, hemp, honey. Daughter Tatiana Smolin has inherited his father's work and continued to him, bought up the land, bred horses. Here she had a cottage with a huge veranda, which no longer exists, but the house was beautiful. In 1917, the country house, outbuildings, stables were transferred to the new government. Before the war, in 1941 there was a hospital where the wounded improve their health in the Finnish War. A new life began here in 1941. In connection with the plight of Leningrad came here trains with people and technology. All the wooden buildings turned into office space. Also in the spacious dining room and there was a bandstand. It was necessary to solve many problems: the establishment of production facilities, housing, the device life, and many other problems. And for this it was necessary to reduce the large amount of wood. Continuous operation for many loggers, the stifling heat in the swampy woods, and a myriad of mosquitoes, wore down the strength of people, but they are aware that war requires total commitment, persistence and patience. Capacity rate of major works led to an increase in the number of workers, which in turn require housing. In October and November 1941 from different regions of the Gorky region arrived in the organizational set about 100 workers, mostly women. By the winter in a matter of urgency began to build the dugouts. By October 1941 the population grew to 816 people. In October, people worked on the fortifications. By the end of November 1941 was conducted in up to 14 items of work. It tested new missiles and new anti-tank artillery, which played an important role in the battle of Stalingrad, and particularly in the Battle of Kursk. June 18, 1945 the last trains leave from Leningrad, but there remained a part of. In 1945 military unit №21374 has been awarded the Order of the Red Star. Began a peaceful life. In 1982 the site was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor. In 50-60 years, built the stone house on the street May 1, and Lenina, there are streets Bubnova and Lesnaya.

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