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The monuments and landmarks of the town Surgut

Пухтеева Полина Олеговна
Ученица 10 “Б” класса МБОУ СОШ №13

I live in Surgut. It’s more than 400 years but it looks modern and beautiful. There are many monuments and landmarks here.
• «A memorial obelisk» in Surgut, departed to the front in 1941-1945, was originally built on the river station in 1945 in a wooden version. Now it’s made of white marble. Its weight is 8 tons.
• «The monument to the founders of Siberia». It presents 4 founders of Surgut: the Prince, the governor, Cossack and the figure of a. The height of the monument is 15 meters.
• «The monument to the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin». It was manufactured in St. Petersburg. Its total height is six meters.
• «The Monument to the gas fire», located in front of the building of the “Trans Gazprom gas” Surgut. Its height is 11 meters.
• «The sculpture of the fox» that is an emblem of the city. Surgut land since the founding of the city was a haven for hunters. People brought a lot of furs to the capital.
• The historical and cultural center of the "Old Surgut." This is a small wooden town where there are historical museums. Concerts and exhibitions are held here. Every year professional mold sand figures in the summer and ice figures in winter are presented here.
• The school of English, which is a copy of Big Ben in London, is located near the City Center.
• The highway bridge over the River Ob. It is the largest bridge in the world. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
• The park "Saima" is a romantic pine forest away of noisy streets, where you can stroll and relax from the town.
• Excursion to the village Russkinskaya get you acquainted with the history of the Khanty: traditional forms of economy (hunting, fishing, reindeer herding), dwellings, outbuildings and vehicles. There is a unique museum of nature with different kinds of animals, birds and fish.

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