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Modern Surgut

Нефидова Светлана Димитриевна
ученица 9 “Б” класса МБОУ Гимназии №4 г.Сургута
учитель: Куракова Евгения Сергеевна

According to Wikipedia, Surgut is a town situated in Western Siberia. But for lots of people it is the place where thousands of people from all parts of the USSR came to build a new town in the place of a small village on the river Ob. Who of those first builders, geologists and oilmen could imagine that they started a new developed town like this? In memory of those who had to overcome a great deal of hardships, grateful townspeople erected a monument ‘Founders of Surgut’ in the centre of the town.
Surgut is a highly developed town. We have two power stations which are the biggest in our region. They supply numerous enterprises with electricity and our homes get warmth from them. But our main richness is oil. Sometimes people call our town ‘oil capital of our country’. It is the richest supply of oil in our county. If you go out of Surgut you can see a lot of oil rigs pumping oil to refineries.
People live here, work, study and entertain. Schoolchildren attend 46 schools. They can develop their artistic and musical abilities, attend specialized art and musical schools. There are a lot of sport schools where children go in for sports.
Students can get higher education in Surgut State University and Surgut Pedagogical Institute. Teens can learn a profession in vocational and technical schools. Unfortunately, people often get ill because of the climate. But there are doctors of different specialties and modern equipment here. Medicine is highly developed in our town. People from nearby towns and villages come to us to be treated.
People visit theatres, museums, art gallery ‘Sterkh’, ice palace, parks, monuments. Our bridge across the Ob, the longest bridges in Siberia, is our pride.
We love Surgut in spite of severe climate and want to make it more beautiful and prosperous.

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