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The growth of Surgut town

Абрамова Юлия Дмитриевна
ученица 5 “В” класса МБОУ Гимназии №4 г. Сургута
учитель: Куракова Евгения Сергеевна

I live in a small northern town. Its name is Surgut. It was found on February 1594 by Tsar Fedor Ivanovich. It is translated from the khanty language like “fishy”.
The growth of Surgut started in 1920s. In April 1918 Soviet power was established in Surgut and in 1920 Surgut it became the center of the uprising fists against the Bolsheviks. In September 1923 the town lost status and became a village. In the late 20s canning factory was opened in Surgut, a first industrial plant in the town. Surgut did not know of serfdom. However, the town was a place of exile. For a long time Decembrists were exiled here.
During the Great Patriotic War, Surgut actively helped to defeat the enemy. From here almost all males adult went to the front. Half of them never returned home. Industries served the needs of the front. It was food and coal industry of Kuzbass timber. Women sewed clothing and various military supplies. The town worked weaving. All the wealth of the taiga region went to the defeat of Germany. In 1957 Yuganskaya reconnaissance exploration drilling was created in Surgut, resulting in large deposits that were discovered. In 1959 there was a comprehensive geological survey expedition. 1960s were the years of the second birth of Surgut, which became a center of production of oil and gas . In November 1962 oil fields were opened in Surgut. During next years about 30 new fields were opened in the district. Now “Surgutneftegaz” annually produces more than 33 million tons of oil and nearly ten billion cubic meters of natural gas. And in 1997 in the fields it was obtained the billionth (from the beginning of field development) ton of Surgut oil. Today, Surgut is one of the major cultural and industrial centers of the Tyumen region and the entire Khanty-Mansiysk District.

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