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Евдокимова Юлия Александровна
МБОУ СОШ № 20 г. Химки.
Учитель: Шмидль Ольга Владимировна

My name is Julia, my surname is Evdokimova. I was born on the second of May, 1997, in Moscow (Podrezkovo). I am Russian. I am fourteen years old. I am a pupil. I study in the eighth form. My favourite school subjects are English, Literature, Mathematics and Drawing. I am carried away with the English language. And I'd like to tell you about The Region of Podrezkovo in English. The Region of Podrezkovo is one of the town districts of Khimky. Podrezkovo was founded in 1908 when the construction of plants was begun. At that time railway platform was built too. Later the kindergarten and the secondary school № 20 were built for the plant workers' children. I'd like to tell you about two sights of our Podrezkovo.
There is a wonderful spring in our region. It's situated in the forest not far from the place where I live. During the Second World War it gave water to all citizens of our settlement, because all the systems of running water were broken. In 2003 this place was reconstructed and a nice chapel was built there. Every year in February a parson of the local church comes to the spring to sanctify it. So I can say, that the water of our spring is not only clean, but also sacred. Every day people go to the spring, to take this drinkable water. I think it gives us health. There is also a monument to the defenders of our motherland during the Great Patriotic War here. It was located earlier in the village of Kirilovka, nowadays it's at the square in front of the administration building. On May 9 we come there and lay flowers to the soldiers who gave their lives for us. Many veterans of the Great Patriotic War come there and this is a very exciting event.
In conclusion, I'd like to tell some warm words about the people the our region. They have features of real Russian character. They remember their roots. They are kind, friendly, hospitable and helpful. They prove the proverb «A friend in need is a friend indeed».

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