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Мануилова Полина Валериевна
Москвина Екатерина Васильевна
МБОУ «Белая СОШ»

Мануилова Полина Валерьевна, ученица 10 «А» класса МБОУ «Белая СОШ». Родилась и по настоящее время проживает в п. Среднем Усольского р-на Иркутской области. Увлекается изучением иностранных языков: английского, немецкого, французского. Неоднократно занимала призовые места на районных и областных лингвистических олимпиадах Москвина Екатерина Васильевна, учитель английского языка, 1 квалификационной категории. В 2004 году окончила БФ СГУ, факультет иностранных языков. Работала в КВАИ 4 факультет, МОУ Буретская СО. В настоящее время работаю в МБОУ «Белая СОШ».

Looking through the map of our country we see the great amount of different settlements. I’d like to tell you about the small township which is sheltered almost in the centre of Russia and it’s called Sredniy. Sredniy is situated in Usolye district, Irkutsk region in 130 km to the South-East from the Baikal Lake. In 1937 the North military aerodrome was founded between the Belaya and the Angara rivers. At the same time not far from Tayturka village the South aerodrome was built. Between them in a birch grove the settlement for the servicemen and their families appeared. It was called Sredniy due to its geographical position.
Nowadays the life of this township is closely associated with pilots and planes. The dearest thing for the Sredniy dwellers is the sound of a plane bringing back their fathers.
Many holidays which is connected with army and aviation is celebrated here: the Day of Air Force, the Day of Aviation, the 9th of May Parade, the 23d of February etc. People from the whole region come to see and take part in these celebrations. The other thing is worth seeing is the beautiful nature: birch groves, crystal rivers, the fields full of berries and mushrooms.
Come and share this beauty with us!

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