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My Taganrog

Попова Алёна Андреевна
МОБУСОШ №36 10"А"класс
Учитель: Абраменко Галина Андреевна

I’ve lived here only for 5 years and I love it. I like walking around my favourite town in the spring evening. When nature awakes and blooms after winter sleep. Taganrog is not my native town. But I can't help admiring its beauty. I get on the bus, which takes me to the main street of the town. It has a lot of places to enjoy. There are cinemas, shops and restaurants, museums, art galleries in Taganrog. So you can spend your spare time very interesting.
The city architecture is unique. Italian architects took part in building the houses. One of them was Matthew Simont. To my mind Taganrog resembles St.Petersburg. We can enjoy the beauty of the buildings and walking downtown.
But I want to take you to the Drama Theatre named after Chekhov. You can hear actors speaking very well. This theatre is very unique by its sound. Taganrog is famous for a plenty of well-known people such as Alexander the I, Russian tsar, Chekhov was born and grew up in this town. He is a famous Russian writer, who wrote "Kashtanka", "Three sisters", "Thick and Thin". These works were performed in the local Drama Theatre. Taganrog citizens are proud of the strairs which was built by a merchant. The legent says he built it for his daughter to make the way down to the sea easier. This stairs was named The Stone Stairs. Everybody tries to guess the number of the steps. I believe there are about 190. When we go down, we turn up in Pushkin embankment. A lot of people like to prominade here and enjoy the fresh air of the sea. Taganrog is a peninsula. It is washed by the Azov Sea from three sides. The sea is very shallow. But it is very popular with tourists. There are a lot of people on the beach in summer. But now there are few people, because the spring has just begun. And there are many monuments in the ebankment. People like to be photographed at them.
If we walk along the seaside, we'll fall into the port. There are a lot of cargo ships, because Taganrog is famous for its. Then we can climb the other strairs and find ourselves near the monument to Peter I. He founded Taganrog in 1698. This is the highest point in Taganrog and you can see a beautiful panorama of the Azov Sea. I also love this place. Here different thoughts come into my head about the future. There are great many memorable places and attractions. We wouldn't be able to visit them all in one day, unfortunately. But today I’ve showed you my favourite places. I hope you'll like them too. Come and visit us.

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