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Максимов Иван Павлович ученик 11 класса.
Баргузинская СОШ.
Республика Бурятия, Баргузинский район,
село Баргузин

Let me introduce myself. My name is Maximov Ivan. I’m seventeen years old. I’m in the eleventh form. As for me, I live in my native village - Barguzin, republic Buryatia. I’m proud of the fact, that I live in the village, near the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal. My native village is situated on the river Barguzin. It’s surrounded by high and picturesque mountains. The jail of Barguzin was founded in 1648 by ataman Ivan Galkin. Our village was a place of exile. In 1831-1859 brothers Kuhelbeckers lived here. They were Decembrists. As for nature. It is green, beautiful, unusual with unique, unforgettable rivers, hills, flowers, animals and, of course, fresh air! There are many scatted places here. The Barguzin valley attracts lots of Russian and foreign tourists. It’s a treasure of material and spiritual culture. The main patrimonial cults are usually situated as hardly accessible area. According to the certain rules, some members of the family and other people are not allowed to visit such places. That’s why some cults have their substitutes in the accessible zone – near the roads. In the Barguzin valley here is not only Shamanist but also Buddist cult places, such as: “Goddess Yanzhima” – stupa ( suburgan ) of Soodoi – lama, the places of thanksgiving service. And worships of pilgrims – Zurgen Hada and the mountain Barhan uula. Goddess Yanzhima – Yanchenma ( Tibetian ) – Sarasvati ( India ) is a great goddess, pantones of art, science, wisdom, fertility a maternity. According to the myth, Sarasvati gave the people ability to feel, think, understand and communicate with each other. There are many scattered places of the Barguzin valley such as: the Ulyunsky Eey Spring – Arshaan, which is rich in mineral salt. The Ininsky stone garden is a unique natural phenomenon, which is situated in the south – western part of the Barguzin valley, where the river Ina flows out of the Ikatsky range. Buha – Shuluun – Bull – Stone – is a sanctuary of the Barguzin valley, the master of which is the spirit of stone. People worship the stone and think that it protects all the inhabitants of the valley. You are welcome to the Malochremshanskaya cave, Ushkany islands, Alginsky, Gusihinsky, Urinsky, Garginsky, Umheisky Spring. I’m sure, you will have a good rest.

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