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Гайфуллина Адиля
студентка 1 курса ГБОУ СПО
«ЧГПГТ им А. В. Яковлева»
г. Челябинск
преподаватель: Алябьева Екатерина Александровна

I live in the small village Urgala. Urgala is located on the north - east of the republic of Bashkortostan of Belokatayskiy area. The name comes from the Urgala River, which runs on the outskirts of the village. There are many interesting versions of the name of the river "Urga" - an abbreviation for proposals in the Bashkir "Uralyp yylga ala," that means "takes its beginning, skirting."
The population is about two thousand people. Different nationalities live in our village: Bashkirs, Tatars, Russians, Germans, Jews, etc. The residents of our village are very pleased to see anyone who comes to visit us. The nature is beautiful. In winter and in summer you can go to the mountains. Various plants such as wild garlic, strawberries, and different flowers grow on the mountain Azyamka in Urgala.
There are many animals: foxes, hares, moose, and various birds. Mountain Abkashka and forest "Poperezhka" intersect in the village Matveevka. We celebrate "The Day of Health", Bashkir spring festival "hag tui" and spring Turkish New Year "Nowruz", which is celebrated on March 21. At the beginning of the summer holiday is traditionally held “Habantuy”. It means the end of the spring sowing work. The highlight of the holiday is a horse riding and a struggle. All participants receive good prizes. In summer people work in the garden, make hay and gather berries. There are 3 schools, forestry, 2 kindergartens, The House of Culture, a library, a hospital, shops, a café, a skating rink and a music school in our village. Near the village there are 2 villages: Absalyamova on one side and Haybatovo on the other. A small bridge combines them over the river. These villages are small and depend on Urgala. Now Urgala grows slowly and becomes more beautiful!

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