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Penza, a Light and Music Fountain, the “Olympic” Sports Complex

Якунина Ксения, 10 «Б» класс
МБОУ лицей архитектуры и дизайна №3 г.Пензы
Учитель английского языка –
Сидорова Елена Юрьевна

A Light and Music Fountain in Moskovskaya Street public garden is a favourite recreation place of the people in Penza. It is situated in the centre of our city. Fountain Square is a place where people meet, rest and enjoy themselves. It is also a place where many city festivals such as the Day of the City, Victory Day and others are held. Besides, there is an open ground near the fountain for professional and amateur actors, singers and dancers to perform. A Light and Music Fountain in Moscovskaya Street works only in summer.
Not far from it there is a famous “The Cuckoo” clock that was projected in Serdobsk clock plant. “The Cuckoo” clock took part in international exhibitions and fairs in India, the Czech Republic and other countries. More than 15 millions of similar clocks were produced.
The “Olympic” Sports Complex was built to honour all sportsmen of Penza who took part in the Olympic Games. Russia is among the leading medal winners in international events. Russian sportsmen set many Olympic records, and earn gold, silver and bronze medals. And the sportsmen from Penza made their contribution to this collection of medals. There were 17 of them. Their names are Irina Bazhina (diving), Olesya Belugina, Natalya Lavrova (callisthenics), Alexander Gerasimov, Alexander and Vladimir Golikovs, Alexander Kozhevnikov (hockey), Alexey Vojevodin (athletics) and others. Now all the children of our region have an opportunity to follow the best traditions of our Olympic sportsmen. In Penza lots of soccer fields, street ball areas, tennis courts and aquatic centres have been built for promoting sports and recreation. And the “Olympic” Sports Complex is among them.
We hope that future Olympic Games will add new names to the list of our champions!

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