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The Folk Art Museum & Gallery named after K.A.Savitsky in Penza

Кривозубова Анастасия, 10 «Б» класс
МБОУ лицей архитектуры и дизайна №3 г.Пензы
Учитель английского языка –
Сидорова Елена Юрьевна

The Folk Art Museum was opened in Penza in January 1975. The status of the state museum was given to it in 1992. The museum building is a monument of the Russian skilful wooden architecture of the mid-19th century, made by the Sorokin brothers from Kameshkir. It is like a fairy-tale house in a big modern city! When you look at it you understand the beauty of the Russian house and admire the talent of Russian masters!
The Folk Art Museum exhibits wonderful works of traditional folk art. It keeps and gives new life to the traditional handicrafts of Penza region. The property of the museum is T.N.Zotkin’s pottery, R.F.Kochurin’s wood carving articles, E.K.Medyantseva’s straw works, A.I.Andreeva’s carpets… There are nearly 4000 exhibits in the Folk Art Museum. Personal exhibitions of local masters take place in the museum. Gallery named after K.A.Savitsky is a visiting-card of our city. The building is erected in “modern” style by famous St.Petersburg architect A.I.Gogen in 1912. But it is not only an architectural monument, it is a church of art in our city! It is a magnificent display of works by Russian and foreign painters. Now the Savitsky Art Gallery has over 4000 works of art! Three halls are devoted to the painters: K.Savitsky, I.Goryshkin-Sorokopudov and F.Lentulov whose creative work is linked with Penza.
Nearly 600 works are treasures of Western European Art. They are represented by a rich collection of paintings, graphics and sculpture. The pride of this collection are the Italian, Dutch and French paintings from the 17th century and Russian art of the 19th century mainly represented by portraits and the priceless Russian icons of the 16th-18th centuries.
Enjoy yourself by visiting this gallery and seeing marvelous art!!!

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