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Apatity - Scientific Center of the Kola Peninsula

Гаврицков Арсений
ученик 11 класса МБОУ СОШ № 10
города Апатиты Мурманской области
учитель Скоробогатченко Светлана Ивановна

Apatity is the largest scientific centre in the North of Russia. One of the institutes of the Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the Polar Geophysical Institute that organizes research of terrestrial magnetism, the top polar atmosphere, space beams and polar lights. Within the framework of international cooperation in the Barents Region the Institute suggested a project of geophysical monitoring in the Arctic zone, providing for observations on the Spitzbergen archipelago. The Institute for Informatics and Mathematical Modeling of Technological Processes and The Institute for Physical and Technological Problems of Energy in the North are looking for the ways of introduction of energy sources.
The Institute of Geology has an excellent museum with a beautiful collection of mineral specimens of Kola land. Mining Institute is involved in fundamental researching on mining problems, developing of new technologies of ore extraction in the North-West Russia. Its work is closely connected with the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements and Mineral Raw Materials. The scientists study structure and formation of geological objects of Kola. The research activity of the Institutes has won the worldwide recognition. Besides, there is Barents Centre of the Humanities here. It provides development of research activities of historical, ethnological, cultural and anthropological types.
The Institute of Economic Affairs and The Institute of the Industrial Ecology Problems are engaged in search of profitable and harmless for the ecology ways of the science development in the region. By the way, all studies of Kola Research Center are made with solicitous attitude to the environment. Apatity has a rich history and great people who live, work, study here.

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