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Estate Museum of V.G.Belinsky & The Museum of A.I.Kuprin

Мусина Кристина, 10 «Б» класс
МБОУ лицей архитектуры и дизайна №3 г.Пензы
Учитель английского языка –
Сидорова Елена Юрьевна

Estate Museum of V.G.Belinsky was opened in June, 1938 in Chembar (now Belinsk), in the house where V.Belinsky and his family lived in1816 - 1825. They went to Chembar when V.Belinsky was 5 years old. And he left the town to enter Penza gymnasium when he was 14. So, in the museum we can follow the story of his childhood and his family life. After visiting the Estate Museum of V.G.Belinsky we can understand the influence of his family on his future life and work.
There are things and books from his private library in the museum. But beside things closely connected with the name, life and work of V.G.Belinsky the whole history of the Russian literature of the end of 18 – the beginning of 19 centuries is represented here. We can see a wide literary exposition in the former merchant house of F.I.Antyushin.
The Museum of A.I.Kuprin is a branch of the State Literary-Memorial Museums of Penza region. It is situated in Narovchat. It was opened in1981 at K.A.Kuprina’s, the daughter of the famous writer, great support and activity.
A.I.Kuprin (1870-1938) is a great Russian writer. He was born in 1870 in Narovchat in Penza region. In the memorial building of the museum there is a literary exposition “The Life and Creative Work of A.I.Kuprin”. The things presented by the daughter of the writer are exhibited there. They are the Kuprins’ archives, some everyday things of the writer (his wedding-ring, coffee-pot, flask and etc.), books from his library, published works. There is annual A.I.Kuprin’s literary holiday in the museum which is connected with the birthday of the writer. And also scientific conferences are held there every 5 years. There are streets in Penza and Narovchat named after A.I.Kuprin.

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