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St. Andrew’s Temple

Коптеева Виктория, 8а класс
МБОУ « Гимназия №1» Карасукского района
Новосибирской области
Учитель: Реуцкая Татьяна Николаевна

In the town where I live there are few interesting places. Among them there are some monuments, the memorial of Glory and a local museum. I’d like to tell you about the temple which was named after the first Christ’s Apostle St. Andrew. The temple in my small town isn’t remarkable for its perfect harmony of painting, sculpture and mosaics but it’s very popular among the residents of Karasuk. I want to tell how it was built, about people who wanted to have such a sacred place in their town. There is no one who remained indifferent to this event. Everybody took part in building of a new temple. People donated money and each of them was given a special card with an image of Apostle Andrew and a picture of a temple on the face of a card. On the back side of it there was a picture of a brick. The person’s name, who gave money, was written on it. Then, those names were written on the real bricks and those bricks became the basis of a temple. The temple has been built for 9 months. The opening ceremony was held on October 26, 2006. It’s not only the most beautiful sight in my town but the place where you can feel calmness and peace of mind. A lot of people go there on Christian holidays, when they want to christen their children, to get marriage, to make mentions of their relatives. I’ve been to St. Andrew’s Temple with my parents and think it’s one of the most splendid places in my small town. After leaving it, you feel yourself better and kinder and want to come there more and more.

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