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Murmansk. The military operation: “Blue Polar fox “

Михеева Анастасия Андреевна
МБОУ школа № 36 г. Мурманска
Некрасова Елена Васильевна

Я учусь в 10 классе, увлекаюсь историей, английским, люблю рисовать.

I am interested in history. I would like to tell you some facts connected with the history of my town – Murmansk. They are really worth concerning that is why Murmansk was awarded the title the “Hero city”.
The military operation was called “Blue Polar fox “. It was very important one because the aim was to capture the town and make here the base for further occupation of our country. They planned to do the capture quickly and without any problems and were sure of their success. Furthermore, they knew there were 27 000 German soldiers and only 12 000 Russian defenders. That is why the invitations to the restaurant to celebrate their victory were given long before the beginning of the operation.
But it turned to be very difficult to fulfill their plans. The enemy was stopped 50 km from the city and could not use the invitations. Fierce battles took place in the Valley of Death which is called the Valley of Glory now. Our soldiers could stand their ground. That is why fascists decided to wipe the town out. 200 000 bombs were thrown on Murmansk. The town was completely demolished. Now there is the monument on the highest point of Murmansk commemorating those who died in the war. I love my town and proud of its people. I want our generation remember the exploit of our soldiers and never forget defenders of our town.

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