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The wonders of Kamchatka

Масляшов Максим
ГБОУ СОШ 793, 5 класс «а»
Учитель: Хмельщикова Н.В.

Kamchatka is a Peninsular which is washed by the Pacific Ocean, the Bering Strait and Okhotskoe Sea. Very few people live there- 1 person on 1square km! It is rich in volcanoes and there are thirty-three active volcanoes and a lot of extinct ones on the Peninsular. It is interesting to know that all active volcanoes have names: Uzon, Avacha, Shiveluch and others. Kluchevskaya volcano is one of the biggest volcanoes. It is about 5000 years old, but is it thought to be very young.
Kamchatka belongs to Siberian taiga. The largest number of bears in Eurasia lives there. In the waters around Kamchatka you can see unique grey whale and 300.000 seals, sea lions and other sea animals. In the center of Kamchatka there is the unique Eurasia Geyser valley with more than 150 thermal springs, they really catch eye. A geyser is a hot spring that throws water and steam from time to time. The valley was discovered in 1941 and there are twenty large geysers which also have names: Sugar, Giant and others. You can bathe there. I was told that Kamchatka is now in a difficult economic position, so tourists are welcomed. I advise you to visit this part of our country. Frankly speaking, the plane tickets ate too expensive, but the journey is worth it.

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