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Malinovo. My village history

Yana Gorshkova.
A pupil of the 10th form of the
secondary school of Malinovo
16 years old

The school history is inseparably linked with the history of the village Malinovo. The first settlers arrived in the spring of 1907. But it was in the winter of the same year that they established a farm yard and built a number of houses besides the river Malinovka. Thus my village arose. The name of the village Malinovowas given by the first settlers at once because rich bushed of raspberry were growing along the river when they came there first.
In the following year (1908) a land surveyor arrived from the county government, which was in the city of Iman ( now Dalnerechensk). He made the layout of the streets of the village.
The village grew rapidly. In five years it had about 200 yards. New people came, they built houses and plowed fields up. They took advantage of fertile lands of the vast river valley, rich cedar forest and the abundance of fish in the river.
People relativelyand quickly became comfortable and acquired farms. The use of agriculture and engaging in hunting and fishing contributed to the rise of the welfare of the inhabitants of the village. Now it is one of the biggest and the most beautiful villages of the district.

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