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Legends about a ginseng

Grade: 10
Secondary school of Malinovo
English teacher:
Kalinichenko Elena Victorovna

Hobbies: table tennis, forest, fishing

The ginseng has arisen from a lightning. If the lightning strikes into transparent water of a mountain source the source hides under the ground, and on its place the root of a life harbouring force of heavenly fire grows. Only people with pure heart can get the plant. Earlier the ginseng lived in China, and nobody knew about his existence. But great prophet Lao-tszy has opened his curative force and has specified to people of his sign. The ginseng ran to the north in the mountainous countries. Scientific Lao Han-van (prince of old Chinese) found it out. Then the ginseng ran away toUssurijsky territory.
Many centuries passed … And three brothers - Van - Gongo, Kasavon and Liu-u came to the coast of Great ocean in order to search this miracle root. Here they lost the way and astrayed. Since then souls of them wander on a taiga and shout to one another. Everyone ginsenger, having heard these groans and shouts, never will go to their direction and is sure to turn aside. If he risks to go there, he will find nothing and, probably, lose the way.
There are a lot of myths about the Ginseng, they begot many traditions which all the ginsengershold in honour and follow.

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