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Krasnodar, the memorial to Alexander Pushkin

Зарубин Никита
Ученик 8 класса. Учитель –
Копылова Татьяна Михайловна.
МБОУ СОШ №52 г.Краснодар

Мне нравиться читать книги, особенно стихотворения. Я люблю слушать музыку. Также я коллекционирую камни и минералы.

The monuments light the way for future generations. However, some monuments are destroyed by the people themselves. But, fortunately, there are people whose lives and heritage exemplify for all generations at all times. 1999 was marked by the bicentennial anniversary of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. The personality of Pushkin contributed a lot to Russian culture. His poems touch upon love, kindness and respect for traditions of past generations.
So this date was signified by the unveiling of the memorial to Alexander Pushkin. It is situated in front of the Pushkin library, in Krasnaya Street. The bronze figure of the poet’s genius was presented by the sculpture Vladimir Zhdanov, the architect Valery Karpychev and the outstanding master Hamid Achoh. They managed to complete the work for a short time.
Today Pushkin Square is one of the most popular places for young people in Krasnodar, who can visit this place at any time. I believe that such kind of monuments will exist and please the citizens for a long time.

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