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What is Surgut famous for?

Олейник Василиса Вячеславовна
ученица 5 “А” класса МБОУ Гимназии №4 г.Сургута
учитель: Куракова Евгения Сергеевна

I live in Surgut. It is situated on the river Ob. There is a very famous bridge across it. There is a museum not far from it of this bridge. "Surgut" means "a fish place". There are some kinds of fish that live only in our rivers, for example Muksun. Our town is also famous for its oil. That is why thousands of Russian people go here to work. A lot of them stay here to live. In 2011 Surgut was called the most comfortable town for the life.
Surgut is a very beautiful town. We have got many high and interesting buildings. There are some big shops in Surgut : "Vershina", "MosMart", "Bogatir" and so on. Many houses and buildings are very colorful: they are pink, yellow, blue and light green. There are a great number of flowers in Surgut in summer. They grow almost everywhere: in flowerbeds, along our roads, near houses and buildings. Our town is very clean.
There are a lot of places to visit in Surgut. There is a very interesting place in Energetic Street. It is "The Old Surgut". There are some museums in it. They tell us the history of our town. In winter there are snow figures and in summer there are sand figures. A black fox, a symbol of our town, is near "The Old Surgut".
There are a lot of monuments in Surgut. They are big, small, serious, and funny. They also tell us the history of Surgut. There is a school of foreign languages in Surgut, which is an exact copy of London Big Ben. Surgut is famous for being a cold town. It can be even – 58 C. That is why in winter there are many days when schoolchildren don’t go to school because of the cold. In summer the weather can be different. Sometimes it can be very hot, but sometimes it rains a lot. I love my town very much, because I was born here. It is my little Motherland.

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