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Трифанов Дмитрий Васильевич
МБОУ ПГО Пышминская
средняя общеобразовательная школа
Ученик 10Б класса

I live in a small town, which is called Pyshma. It was named after the river on which it is located. In its waters rich history flows. In the upper of Pyshma in 1745 the peasant Erofei Markov discovered the first Russian gold ore.
In 1646 Pyshma was founded by the Oshchepkovs brothers who came from Veliky Ustyug. My native place is located in Sverdlovsk region, not far from its centre- the city Ekaterinburg. Pyshma has wonderful scenery, which is reflected in works of our local painters. Pyshma has two secondary schools, four kindergartens, the Children’s Center, the Children's Art School, the sport school, the museum, the recreation park and a lot of monuments. There is a very beautiful monument to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.
In Pyshma friendly people live. Everyone is ready to help others. We have some traditions. For example, tidying up streets and territories near houses and different establishments is one of them. Together we put our place in order. Also we celebrate the town day every year. A lot of people come to our park and have a great fun. Sport is very popular in Pyshma. In summer children and adults play football and basketball. In winter hockey, volleyball and skiing attract a lot of people.
Pyshma like other villages and towns has many problems: low wages, unemployment, lack of places of entertainment for young people. My parents tell me that in their time Pyshma was better. In 1970s we had developed agriculture. Our plant of the hoisting-and-transport equipment was the biggest in our area. Now this plant is almost in oblivion. I’m sure that together we can return former prosperity to our town. Despite of all the problems, I love my native place, and I think that everyone has warm feelings to the place where he was born in his heart.

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