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The tour: “Welcome to Kazan”

Маняпова Чулпан Галимзяновна,
учитель первой категории
МБОУ «Гимназия №10», г.Казань

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! I’m your tour guide, my name is …. Welcome to Kazan, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Russia, the capital of the republic of Tatarstan. Kazan is a thousand-year-old city with rich and unique history which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage cities. We begin our tour with the Central Stadium. Kazan has been preparing for the UNIVERSIADE. Our city is going to host the Summer Universiade 2013. A lot of sports complexes have been built here. On your left there is the Kazan circus with its flying saucer. Lets go up and you can see the monument to the hero-poet Musa Jalil . I hope all of you have heard of his Moabite notebooks which he wrote in the Berlin Moabite prison where he was confined for anti-fascist activities. In front of you there is the Spasskaya Tower, the main tower of the Kazan Kremlin with the 18-century clock on it. The Kremlin is the symbol of Kazan. In 2000 the Kazan Kremlin became a monument of UNESCO World Heritage. The Spassky Tower now serves as the official entrance to the territory of the Kremlin. Let’s enter it and we are taking our way to one of the most spectacular buildings-The Kul-Sharif Mosque, the largest mosque in Russia, and in Europe outside of Istanbul.On the left you can see the Suymbike tower, an architectural symbol of Kazan. The tower was named after the last queen of Kazan, Syumbike. Now we are on Kremlyevskaya Street, the oldest one in our city. This street leads from the Spassky Tower to the famous Kazan University .It was founded in 1804 by Emperor Alexander 1 and made a great contribution to the development of science. Our tour is coming to an end. Thank you for your attention. I wish you good luck!

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