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Khovrino is an area in the Northern Administrative District of Moscow.

Victoria Kovalevskaya, 9th Form
GBOU CO № 1474, Moscow
Teacher: Vol’nova M. A.

My name is Victoria, my surname is Kovalevskaya. I’m sixteen years old. I was born on the 25th of February. I’m Russian and my hometown is Moscow. Moscow is the capital of Russia. This town is one the largest cities in the world. It’s a big political, economic and culture centre of Russia. The centre of Moscow is the Red Square. It’s the place for parades, demonstrations and meetings. I live in the region Khovrino. The name of the village Khovrino associated with an ancient and noble Khovrin-Golovin family. Gregory Golovin had gotten the nickname “Howrah”, what means a slovenly and a dirty person. Gregory Howrah has built the village Khovrino on the Lichoborka. There are a lot of interested places in my region. For example: the Church of Our Lady, the Estate Grachevka. In the Estate was opened a resort after 1917.
There are a lot of green parks in Khovrino. That is one of the few reason, why I like this region. The biggest park is Grachevka. It situated near the Estate Grachevka. My friends and I like going for a walk there. I also have a wonderful park near my house. The tall orange house has been built near my home recently. And now, everyone can see our region. It’s good because I’ll never get lost. But Khovrino is famous for the deserted hospital. It’s a dark and frightening place with legends. There is an inscription on one of the walls: «This hospital is the land of miracles has gone into it, and it disappeared. Many teenagers visit it every day and take photos. It’s a cool place for TV show, like “The horrors of Moscow”.

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