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Anastasia Tchistyakova, 9th Form
GBOU CO № 1474, Moscow
Teacher: Vol’nova M.A.

My name is Anastasia Tchistyakova. I am 14.
I was born in Moscow and I this is my motherland. I have been living in Solntsevo practically all my live for more than 13 years. 7 month ago my family had to move to another part of Moscow, but I consider that Solntsevo is my my native place. This part of Moscow is very beautiful and interesting. I like it for many things: for its noisy large streets, for modern architecture and quite green parks, but most of all for its people, because a lot of my friends and relatives live there. There are a lot of parks, where we ride bikes, shop centers, schools, children gardens in Solntsevo. The most famous place of interest is the temple of Sergei Radonezhskiy. It is very big and majestic. Every morning you can listen to the ringing of its bells.
Opposite the temple, there is the Solntsevo Lake. It is not big, but it is fabulous, especially in the evening. When it is hot in summer this lake attracts people with its wonderful landscape and pure water. Every year on the 9th of May you can see fireworks under it. It is a pity, that you can not swim there, but not far from Solntsevo there is an another lake with a large beach where you can take a rest on weekends.
Many stars, such as Guf, A-Studio, Djigun, Juliya Savicheva visit this district with their concerts. We can dance, have fun and sing. I like Solntsevo and I miss it very much.

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