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Sochi, my native town

Olga Vasil’eva, 9th Form
GBOU CO № 1474, Moscow
Teacher: Vol’nova M.A.

My name is Olya Vasil’eva. My father was born in Moscow; my mother was born in Moscow too. But I was born in a small city of Russia, in Sochi . There is a Black Sea and there are fine mountains. They are high. In summer and winter there is a lot of snow of their tops. Every summer I go to Sochi to visit my relatives, because I can always relax at my native place. There are many interesting places and you can meet interesting people. This city is very beautiful. Many people live there. All people in Sochi are very friendly and cute. Everyone can suggest and help you to find your way.
Every day I spend on the beach and I walk on the streets in the evening. Most of all I like to watch sunsets over the Black Sea. You can see dolphins and large jellyfish.
I enjoy the beauty of nature there. There are Agursky waterfalls. Many beautiful animals are found there. There are deer, birds, tigers and many others.
Near the beaches there are many restaurants and cafes with very tasty food. They are French, Italian, Finnish and Russian cuisine. For children there is a great entertainment island «Madagascar». The parents leave their children there for a while and the children have a great fun. If you have time you can also have an excursion by motor ship. You will enjoy it. I love my little home place and I love to go there with my parents every summer!

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