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The Museum of Regional Study

Olga Mategorina
Form 11
Private School Az Buki Vedi
Teacher Marina Alekseevna Pleshakova

My name is Olga and I am from Rostov-on-Don. I was born in this city and love it very much. This year I am finishing school. I really like to study, I adore my class and my teachers. It’s fun to study together, to travel together, to organize different after-school activities. I want to share with you information about one of the most interesting museums of my city.

History: Founded on November 7, 1937 Founders: Department of Culture and Art of Rostov Region Administration. Activities: storage, research and display of museum values, organization of exhibition. Indices: The fund of Rostov-on-Don Regional Museum of Regional studies amount to 250,000 exhibits. Annual attendance: 200,000 people.. More than 50 exhibitions, including those abroad are organized annually. Staff: 90 people, all the employees have higher education.
The Rostov museum of Regional Study is situated in the very center of Rostov, in Bolshaya Sadovaya Street. The century-old heroic history of the Don is reflected in the museum.
It is a 2storey-building consisting of some halls. Here can be seen the festive dresses of Cossack girls, peasant “lapti” (bast shoes), which until the middle of the 19th century served as the peasant’s basic footwear, a model of Stepan Rasin’s boat, original personal belongings of Peter the Great. There is a special section devoted to local flora and fauna and many exhibits bear witness to the labour achievements of the city and the region. In the museum one can see the first plan of the fortress named after Dm. Rostovsky. It was made in 1763 by its builder Rigelman, a military engineer and historian of that time. The fortress was built in the form of a nine-pointed star. So the enemies were always under the fire. There are many exhibits showing the struggle of Rostovites against the fascist occupants. On the ground floor of the museum there is a collection of embroidery, different things made of ceramics, jewellery and also paintings, especially landscapes by the Don artists. The museum organizes excursions for schoolchildren and for grown-ups as well, arranges different exhibitions and carries out the great research work.

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